Our Story

In the 1980s, two independent professionals with all dedication and commitment, efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency in the result of the work of the clients met.

This meeting sparked the beginning of the transformation of the Human Factor theory into the ID Training methodology, which later became Síntese 1 and today



The company and the methodology are the fruit of extensive studies carried out by the psychiatrist, institutional psychoanalyst and scientist Dr. Luís Antonio Ervolino and by the Master in Psychology Prof. Amélia de Carvalho e Silva, both of whom conceived the applications of the methodology and it's products.


Altogether we had more than  25 years of joint work, which only ceased in 2011 with the death of Dr. Luis. We continue with the expansion of knowledge under the direction of Amélia de Carvalho e Silva. Since the beginning of the company, when we were still Sintese 1 - Empowering Professional Performance, we worked with public organisations and with dozens of renowned and respected multinationals from various fields of activity in more than 30 countries around the world with clients from many sectors from  FGMC, Pharma, Consultancy, Retail, Hospitality and etc... Since 1990 we have been in the market, dedicated to consulting focused on the development of the human factor as a competitive differential.


Our goal is to professionalize the interprofessional relations between the leader and the members of his team, influencing significant proportions in the final quality of the products and services provided by the company.

The development of this work is carried out through consulting projects. We offer 12 products, which can be applied independently or even aggregated according to the purpose, need and availability of your company.


All technology, methodology and know-how of the concepts, diagnostics and applications of the products are original and exclusive to FACTOR HUMANUS SCIENTIA.