ID One Core

Inner Professional Profile

Our first product and the basis of our methodology, identifies the Inner Professional Profile of each individual in its structural characteristics at it's core. Many of our clients describe it as a mirror of themselves, from a perspective or reality and conciousness previously unknown to them.

In our professional lives, daily demands are placed on our ability to manage challenging relationships, accurately interpret nuanced environmental signals, and perform consistently well under pressure. Before attempting to influence the external environment, we must first engage with the most important stakeholder - you.

Complex structures and connections within our brain influence our interactions with the environment and each other with important consequences in our professional careers.

The point of connection between sciences and identity is where we begin our journey

To define this connection with a clarity, depth and precision that is inspiring and authentic

Accessing the structure of your Inner Professional Profile will allow you to comprehend the factors shaping your perceptions and behaviours and translate these data into meaningful and actionable insights.

Insights that can explain what makes your contribution unique; what unifies you with others and where are your blind spots and where the triggers for conflict may lie…. 

Our understanding of the science of human factors and the functioning of the human brain enables us to understand and explain why different people perceive and process things in very different ways.

Why our range of natural talents and abilities have a rational basis.

And why an integrated appreciation of these factors can enable you to connect with your inner self, loosen self-inflicted restraints and release your full professional potential.


Thorough rational and precise scientific methods to reveal the beauty of the inner profile, we dedicate decades of research, knowledge and a compassionate believe in the power of self-discovery to support the one who matters most on this journey

Once the profile is identified, the information will always be available for future evaluations and analyses in any proposed situation.



- Diagnosis of the professional's Human Factor.

- Describe and analyse the characteristics of the professional profile individually.

- Identify behavioural trends and their adequacy to the role and responsibilities in the company.

- Evaluate existing restrictions, seeking to minimize losses.

- Identify and make available the points that can be improved.


How it works

Application of tests, analysis and return (duration of 4-6 hours)



- The professional will have the ability to recognise their potential and their managerial limitations, reflecting on greater individual productivity.

- For corporation, as final product we will have the structural characteristics of each professional of the team, its strengths and aspects that could be improved, potentializing the results and the group.


Increasing your self-awareness