We decode human capacities in order to empower identities.

We enable professional performance by awakening self-awareness. Our method is based on the Human Factor Science, which unleashes the professional potential. We call it ID One-Human Factor because the identity of  each individual is the source of professional success.


Our products empower professionals through greater self-awareness and actionable insights. ID One enables a transformative impact of human potential in business. Each of us is unique and different inside. There are many factors that can make or break a business. We believe that the most important is the human factor.


That's why we have spent many years developing an exclusive science-based method that enhances professional performance. We have 30 years of truly successful results and stories and effective results with different profiles of people, environments, cultures, corporations and countries; we are a global partner with proven results empowering and delivering the full potential of the most important asset of the company - its people. 

ID One - Empowering Professional Performance

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